Photographing genuine love, homes, details and creative talents give me so much joy and allows me to do what I love. When my clients and couples trust me to capture what matters most to them, it is really one of the greatest honours I could ever hope for. It is so completely humbling when these wonderful people go out of their way to take the time to express how they feel about my work, their incredibly kind words that make me melt (and blush a lot).



I want to send you a thank you for being the most amazing photographer.  You made our wedding look like a dream and I'm so thankful I have had someone with such a kind heart and soul capturing our special day. It showed through your images!  You did a remarkable job,  I actually cried when I saw all the pictures. They melt my heart and refills it with so much love every time I flip through them.  A million thank yous for making us look and feel amazing. 

I remember when we first met,  I was so nervous about taking pictures but you made it so effortless and easy.  Thank you for making it happen!! I'm so glad that our quick checkins always turned into hour long chats. I'm so happy to see a friend in you. You will always have a special place in both Thomas and my heart and I can't wait to call upon you as our family grows.. Or if we renew our vows (yes I am getting wedding withdrawl).

With so much love,

- Linda & Thomas

Featured in    Belle Lumiere

Featured in Belle Lumiere


I wasn't convinced I wanted maternity photos: I felt fat, frumpy, and a little frivolous. Frivolous because I preferred having professional photos taken of big life events--weddings, first birthdays, etc.--and being pregnant felt pretty much the opposite of a big event (read: it's never-ending!). It just felt a little silly to have photos taken without an occasion. But I trusted Heidi. She photographed my wedding and my first daughter's first birthday. Here was a chance to spend time with her, and at the least I knew she'd capture beautiful photos of my husband and our three-year-old, and I always want those. 

The first thing she did was to bring together an amazing team to doll me up who were all as warm as she is, and a few of them even came to the shoot to help. We met at a gorgeous slice of conservation land--lush with wildflowers and long grass--that she'd selected. Heidi finds the prettiest and most serene locations that haven't been done a million times before. My whole family relaxed. And then she did her magic. She directed us without making us feel directed, always casual, making sure we were comfortable. A mom herself, she knew just how to get our gal to lose any self-consciousness and fly around the fields as per usual. When I saw the photos I realized how wrong I was about maternity photos. Being pregnant may not be one big day, but it is a Big Life Event. Instead of seeing the giantess I felt I was, I saw a happy, excited family. It was a beautiful time in our lives, and Heidi captured it beautifully. Now I'm looking forward to seeing the photos she captures at my second daughter's first birthday.

- Patricia


I first saw Heidi’s work on a Toronto-based interior designers site, and fell instantly in love with her photos. I love how she captures the rooms interiors as a whole, as well as the decor details. I reached out to her and right away I knew she would be perfect. She was prompt, professional, and easy to talk to. She came to shoot my home and felt an instant trust as she took photos with little direction from me. I am normally a control freak, but as a fellow artist myself, I knew it was best to let her work her magic. That’s what she did, I launched my interior design portfolio with the most amazing photos a decorator could ask for. I have gotten so many compliments on the photos and I plan to work with her for all future shots as well. Thanks Heidi for rocking’ my portfolio!

- Michelle Binette, Michelle Binette Design