Before our (my husband, daughter and I) trip out west, I hadn't travelled much of Canada, just a couple trips to Montreal but nothing further than that. Flying within the country cost more than flying to Europe or to the States, so we ended up choosing to travel outside the country every time. Well our dollar hasn't been doing very well the last couple of years, so we finally decided to make the most of it and travel out west. We flew into Calgary and did a 2 week road trip. Some of our major stops were in Emerald Lake, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Jasper, Columbia Icefields, Kelowna and eventually ending up in Vancouver before flying back home to Toronto. We loved driving since it let us stop along the way whenever we felt like it. We saw a ton of wildlife like black bears, elk, and mountain goats. Tasted some glacier water and froze our butts off. Drove through terrible rain and got hit by a sandstorm. Ate some of the most delicious sushi outside of Japan. We also travelled along the US Pacific coast a couple of years ago which we loved so much but now we have a hard time deciding which one we liked more. I still miss the mountains, I'm pretty sure I left part of my heart out there. Thinking we need to have a second home out in Kelowna, now to make that into a reality. 


Alberta - Johnson Canyon, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, the Athabasca River, and Peyto Lake

British Columbia - Emerald Lake, The Natural Bridge, and Vancouver (Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and Gastown)