From a young age, before I was even walking I was already traveling, thanks to my adventurous parents. My very first trip was to Paris when I was still inside my mom's womb, which is so special because I can say the same for my daughter. My parents left their home country of Hong Kong at a young age for the Netherlands, they spent most of their teens and 20s in Europe before finally settling down in Canada. Even though we now call Canada home, we still have family all around the world that we love visiting. I've been so fortunate to experience so many different countries, their culture and most importantly their cuisine (what can I say, I love to eat), and now I get to share that with my daughter too. I hope the wanderlust will continue to grow strong in her! 


My first time traveling to the west coast of Canada, I can't believe it took me this long to finally get out there considering how much I love the ocean and mountains. We spent 2 weeks there and it definitely didn't disappoint. It was like traveling through postcards. 


I've traveled a few times to Paris with my family when I was younger but this was the first time I traveled to France alone. Before going to Paris, I attended a workshop in Burgundy where I felt like French royalty living in a chateau and having a michelin star chef cook my meals — it was a dream. 


I'm no stranger to the Caribbean. I've been to Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic a couple of times. There is nothing more soothing than lying on the beach under the warm sun and listening to the ocean waves. Just don't forget the Pina Colada!