This shoot with Patricia’s family really holds a special place in my heart. I first met Patricia and Greg on their wedding day when I was shooting with my mentor early in my wedding photography career. I remember so clearly how Patricia was so welcoming and warm, she trusted me with so much even though I had just met her. And since then our lives have crossed randomly but meaningfully, one being our daughters being born months apart. There’s something about having kids around the same time that really bonds people together, especially when our girls are both so spirited! I’ve had so many people ask me “Aren’t girls suppose to be calm?” after meeting my daughter and what can I say, she just loves to be who she is (and I never want her to change that even when I’m pulling my hair out lol). And true to form, Patricia and Greg’s little girl was exactly as free spirited at our shoot as I hoped she would be. It was truly heartwarming to capture the love between the three of them before they welcomed one more sweet girl into their family. 


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Styling | Erin Connor, Big Love Wedding Design & Styling Shop
Make-up | Fiona Man
Hair | Kyana Ngo
Pendant Necklace | Joti Gill, Iccha Jewelry