Extraordinary Hand Lettering Book

About a year ago, I met Doris (from Love Lettering and now the author of Extraordinary Hand Lettering) and we became friends fast. There's some people you meet that you instantly feel like old friends and that's exactly what happened with Doris, she is so genuine, hardworking, kind and caring that it would be hard not to want to be friends with her. She also has a daughter who's a year older than mine and they love playing together too.


We had already worked together before on some shoots before meeting in person and after hanging out a few times, Doris shared the exciting news that she was writing a book and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I honestly didn't even hesitate, I was so proud of Doris to see another mom entrepreneur chase after her dreams that I wanted to do whatever I could to help. It has always been one of my dreams to one day write a book so it was really inspiring to watch Doris make this dream come true!


Her book Extraordinary Hand Lettering is all about inspiring people to letter beyond paper, to take an everyday object and personalize it. It could be something simple like a monogram or something more intricate like a quote or illustration, she really shows all the endless possibilities in her book and makes it look achievable. 


I photographed two projects in her book, the first one was of a vintage secretary desk that was repurposed into a breakfast nook. The outside was personalized with a fun quote and inside was a special little surprise that I absolutely loved. 


Actually the day we photographed this there was a blizzard happening outside which actually created beautiful even natural lighting but the entire time we were hoping the storm would stop since we had to go pick-up our kids after the shoot. The storm didn't stop but it didn't stop us mamas from getting our kids and safely! Thank goodness for winter tires! Even a year later we still talk about how that storm kept things interesting to say the least.


No breakfast space would be complete without some delicious hot tea!


For the second project, chalkboard mountains were painted in a little girl's play room which was then personalized with an inspirational quote " She may be little but she can move mountains", how cute is that? I need to incorporate an inspirational quote like that for my little girl! Hopefully next year I'll be able to tackle the decor for her room, I'm currently hoping and praying to finish our main floor renovations! You don't know how much I miss having a kitchen!


This was so beautiful to watch Doris create this from start to finish. It started off as an idea, then pencil to paper, and then paint to wall. She free-hands everything too, which is so amazing. 


The perfect little place space for a little girl and her sister! I would have loved something like this growing up, kids are so lucky these days. And now I sound like my mom, anyone else guilty of that?


Thank you Doris for having me part of this incredible journey and dream come true! It honestly sounded so daunting and a bit overwhelming when you first told me about it but it all came together because of you! Now so many people near and far can enjoy your gift!

Also as a PSA, the Extraordinary Hand Lettering makes a wonderful holiday gift if you're still shopping around for one or a beautiful book to add to your own collection.



Love Lettering (Signed by Doris Wai, Hardcopy)
Chapters (Paperback or eBook)


Photography | Heidi Lau Photography
Author | Doris Wai, Extraordinary Hand Lettering
Styling for the Secretary Desk Shoot | Madison & Ella
Food and venue for the Secretary Desk Shoot | Sweet Esc
Styling for the Chalkboard Mountains Shoot | Confetti & Bows and Love Lettering
Cloud Marquees for the Chalkboard Mountains Shoot | Pulp Function