Travel with lasting impressions, experience authentic interactions and remember the everyday fleeting moments



There's something about photography that brings a comforting nostalgia for me, I love the ability to live through moments again by turning through pages and pages in an album. Taking out the prints and holding on to those moments in a tangible way.  We live in a world today where time is so precious and we don't always get the luxury of taking things slow, and to be able to remember what even happened yesterday is sometimes a blur. I love that photography allows time to stand still, even if it's just for a moment.

As a natural light lifestyle photographer with a timeless and understated aesthetic, I long to capture thoughtful designs, meaningful moments and subtle nuances. I avoid posing in my photography and instead observe the environment, let the situation unfold naturally and step in with guidance when necessary. 

Heidi Lau Photography is a boutique studio based in Markham, Ontario, photographing the Toronto/GTA area and internationally.  Special consideration for sessions in the Netherlands, France and Northern Ireland.